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Airport Slots

Airport slots are in my view the worst bet for you as a slot machine player. I have no evidence to prove this, but I firmly believe that they're always set to the lowest payout rate allowed by the law of the particular state that you're in. They're just there to pass time as you wait for your flight or whatever, and I have never ever in all my years of traveling seen someone win big at one of these slots. Maybe I'm wrong; if there is evidence, send it to me. I'd be happy if I'm proven wrong about my little theory here.

Despite all this, it seems that the whole airport slots phenomenon is definitely on a roll and growing in popularity day by day. According to a report I recently read online, air travelers are arriving hours early these days and gambling more at airports such as the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, where slot machines sit side-by-side with baggage carousels and departure gates.

The result of tightened security after September 11, as travelers arrive earlier to offset possible delays, has been a windfall especially for Las Vegas' airport, as gambling revenues and some other concessions have taken off.

My advice is to watch carefully how you spend on these airport slots. A few bucks here and there won't necessarily hurt, but don't get carried away in search of some big payoff that's not likely to happen.