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Slots Articles

Welcome to Fat Tony's slots articles section. Here I offer a number of articles that cover a wide variety of information to help make your slots experience as entertaining and profitable as possible. I actually wrote these articles for use elsewhere, but later decided to share with you here at my web site. I'll be updating the list of articles as time goes by, so keep watching this spot for updates - from light general topic coverage to heavy idea discussion, I will be looking to cover as many areas as possible for the slot machine fanatics out there.

Fat Tony's Featured Slots Articles:

A Vote For Realistic Slots
Gambling online has to come to be 2nd most important to me, that is after gambling in Vegas. So when I gamble online, I like really realistic slots. Click the highlighted link title above for the full details of this article.

On The Hunt For Pure Slots Fun
For some, playing the slots is on a hope that they'll hit that giant jackpot. Casino and even online slots offer a dream ending to many people's nightmares. They offer a hope of the big score with no real effort, no major knowledge needed and no real sweat broken. Click the highlighted link title above for the full details of this article.