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Fat Tony's Slots
What a slots player should know, plus a free game
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Favorite Slots

Fat Tony's list of favorite slots is quite extensive and includes those of both the online and offline (land casino variety). Below I've outlined some of these favourite slots, and you can click through on each short paragraph to get a more detailed description of it and about why I like it. If you've got your own list of favorites and you think that one or two of them might be worth mentioning here, please do send me an . For sure however, my all-time favorite slots experience has got to be when I'm playing online right here at FatTonys-Slots.Com. If you haven't tried my free online slot machine as yet, you're missing out big time, so make sure you click the image just above this text and to the right to try it out for free right now.

My favorite Slots:

Spooky Slots
Nothing really scares Fat Tony, but I love Spooky Slots. That is, a slot machine with a spooky or eerie theme. Sodak Gaming Inc. has produced a couple of the better ones that are available on the market right now.

Double Diamond Slots
IGT's Double Diamond slots, officially known as "Double Diamond® Haywire!® Slots" is a sweet box guaranteed to offer hours of slot gaming fun.

Penny Slots
Always a crowd favorite, penny slots can provide hours of amazing fun and entertainment, especially if you're getting a bit low on the funds side and $10 bets at the blackjack table or a $1 pull on a slot machine might be a bit too much for you to handle.

Online Slots
By playing slots online, you're definitely missing the face-to-face interaction, and the impression of being in a large noisy place full of flashing lights and noises. But can you afford go to Vegas every other day, week or month? I certainly can't hence spinning the slots online has become a favorite pastime of mine.

Progressive Slots
Progressive slots can be obsessive. You place minimal bets being placed and have the chance at incredibly high winning jackpots, so it's no wonder that playing progressives online has quickly become one of the most popular forms of online slot machine gambling.